Shop these MRR Courses

On this page you’ll find a collection of my absolute fav online courses, that are not only JAM PACKED with incredible value for your to dive into so you can sky rocket your business, they also come with master resell rights.


FYI – just because a product comes with MRR (master resell rights), that doesn’t mean you have to resell it. 
There’s no-one reaching out to nag you to make sales, and there’s no “up line” or anything that you’re forced into.
Master Resell Rights, just means, once you own it, you have the legal rights to resell it should you want to. However, you certainly do not have to, that is at your own discretion.

So why is it so gimmicky, and all over tiktok? It’s easy!
Passive income has always been highly sort after in the online space – screating online courses, and digital products is one very profitable industry to achieve passive income in… so you can understand the hype and excitement, when someone created one hell of an online business course, that came with MRR attached to it. Now everyone could have the opportunity to make money from online courses, without actually having to create one.

If you’re here browsing what programs you can grab, to uplevel your business skills, you are in the right place… and, if you’re here because you wantto dabble in passive income (and give MRR a go) you are also in the right place.

Have fun you bold, brilliant, bossbabe. This will be fun!